Legal Services

Litigation and representation in court

Representation in court and before Government offices. Our Office can deal with all kind of procedures before the Government Agencies, whether Municipal, State or Federal level. We offer representation before the administrative instances of City, State or Federal Government in order to obtain licenses and permits.


It is very important that you understand what type of documents you are signing and what your rights and obligations are under their terms.

Services include: Translations, draft, review and modification of all types of contracts (purchase agreement, lease, etc.)

Contracts and documents; Wills, land titles, legal contracts, incorporation acts for companies, etc.


IMMIGRATION AND MEXICAN NATIONALITY & CITIZENSHIP Just provide us with the documents required by the Mexican government and we will do what is necessary to make your stay in Mexico legal and trouble free. Save yourself time, frustration and legwork. Our services:

Obtaining and renewals of immigration document: working visas, residence, etc.

Immigration Documents (Residencia Temporal and Residencia Permanente, etc.)

Mexican Citizenship (naturalization) and Passports.

Special Permits (marriage, change of activity, employer, etc).

Official Court translations

We are court recognized translators for official documents. A non-stamped translation is not acceptable in most legal applications. We are officially authorized by the State Superior Court to translate any kind of documents from English to Spanish and vice versa. We translate at court hearings, meetings, homeowners meetings, or at any event in which simultaneous translation is needed.


Is a standard certification provided for authenticating documents used in foreign countries pursuant to the Hague Convention (Abolishing the requirement of Legalization). The Apostille is a preprinted form prescribed by the Convention.

In all the participating countries (United States and Mexico for instance) that are part of the Hague Convention, the Apostille ensures that your document will be recognized as legitimate without any further authentication.


For documents that will be used in countries that are not part of the Hague Convention (Canada and Vietnam for instance) a chain of authentication is applied, the ultimate legalization is done by the consulate of the country in which the document will be used.