Alba Walker

Attorney at Law and court certified translator, she considers herself more a “court” attorney rather than a paperwork attorney, a trial lawyer who practices in trial court.

Alba is an entrepreneurial Mexican Lawyer who enjoys working in the international arena, because of her life and work experiences that have been colored by extensive international exposure. Alba has lived and worked in a bicultural and bilingual environment. She has studied in Mexico and Japan and has 20 years of experience with assisting foreign nationals in immigration, business, investments and real estate en Baja California Sur. Attorney Alba Walker also holds various degrees in Business and Management as well experience from being founder and partner of rigging company, real estate and development company, business consulting firm, law office, etc, all of which are successful companies operating and doing business in Baja California Sur.

Because of her reputation and experience, Alba has spoken extensively on issues related to US-Mexico and international personal financial issues, real estate and immigration.

Alba is the founder, principal and lead partner of the firm and in such capacity is jointly responsible with the firm’s attorneys for legal research, translations, review of public instruments “escrituras”, strategies, negotiations, preparation of briefs, contracts, wills, powers of attorney, and when appropriate discussions with judges.

She assists clients in matters related to the Mexican the legal system, legal procedures, interpretation and translation of legal documents, immigration, civil litigation, corporate law, and In general, the rights of foreigners in Mexico.

Alba’s law practice is Client centered, results oriented and values driven.

Alba enjoys surfing and spending time with her two Rottweilers.

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