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Trial and Litigant Attorneys

Our approach is to avoid disputes and litigation whenever possible, but when negotiation is not possible we win cases in court.

We serve businesses and individuals involved in disputes in Mexico, specializing on disputes over property or assets owned by foreign national in Mexico. We represent clients at all stages of a dispute including at trial, in arbitration in appellate courts, in intense negotiations, and when dealing with the government.

We focus on difficult, challenging and complicated cases.We obtain results. We drive cases to win.

We are litigators and trial attorneys. We confidently try cases to a judge or tribunal. We are committed to our clients; we provide personalized attention, experience, honesty, integrity, firmness, dignity and quality.

We are confident in our skills, our services and the quality of our work; we provide quality, honest legal advice. Our practice includes all aspects of Mexican and Private International Law while specializing in Mexican real Estate, Immigration and Corporate Law in its various forms of foreign investment in Mexico, in addition Civil Litigation and probate in Mexico.

The Paper Chase has adopted the “Preventive Approach” when assisting clients in Legal matters. This approach consists of the following principles:

Litigation as the last recourse. We try to negotiate with the opposite party by finding a solution that will satisfy everybody. A win-win scenario.

We prepare our client’s Wills, Contracts, Acts of incorporations, Fideocomisos, etc. With the potential scenario of litigation in mind, we do our best now to avoid litigation in the future; “the just in case” mentality. We try to cover all the possible complications or downsides that we can think of, we prepare for the future.

We only take cases to court when there are considerable possibilities of obtaining the result expected by our client, in other words, we only go to court when we have a case. We are honest to our clients when we believe they have no chance. Having to pay more in legal fees than what is at stake in a case is simply not acceptable.

Because we minimize the cases we take to court we can focus and truly concentrate in the few cases we handle, we can give them the right attention, our commitment to truly advocate in their behalf. Again, a win -win situation in which our client wins by obtaining the proper representation and attention to his/her case; we win because we can focus and are not overwhelmed with a bunch of cases we cannot handle; the Judicial System wins because the officers are not having to spend their time on frivolous lawsuits, reducing the backlog of the system.

Just like we are honest to our clients, we are honest to the system and ourselves. We do not pay bribes nor believe in “propinas”, this unfortunately makes us subject to the slowness and corruption we may encounter, but we believe that when we are in the right eventually we will get the justice our client deserves.


We are experienced in public and private international law issues. We have a distinctive global perspective developed from our international experience acting in litigation that involves Mexico, Canada and the USA. We have gained direct experience in foreign courts, and working with foreign governments as well as Lawyers in Canada, Mexico and the USA specially. Throughout our many years of experience we have assisted thousands of clients of many different nationalities retiring in Mexico, investing in Mexico or just choosing Mexico as their home.

We are entrepreneurial lawyers; therefore we understand the needs of businesses and business people. We also have local knowledge, which combined with our many years of experience allows to create strategies that make the most business sense in each case. Our clients can trust that we are doing what is best for them, since what’s best for them is also best for us and our community.

We are aware of our special obligation to seek justice. While we always fight for our clients, we choose our clients and our cases guided by this obligation. We fight and serve for the sides we believe in, always guided by our ethics, honor dignity, honesty and commitment to be productive and respectable members of society.

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